Privacy Policy

BioBeOne Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) shall establish the following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as this policy) regarding the handling of personal information and the performance of appropriate management.

Article 1. Definitions

These terms have the following meanings in this policy:

  1. “The site”: The website.
  2. “The services”: A general term to describe the partnering and open innovation services provided by the company's unique BB1 System on the site.
  3. “User”: A person who uses the site (including members).
  4. “Member”: A person who registers on the site to use the services.
  5. “Sub-member”: When a member registers other members of the same organization to give them access to exchanged messages and related functions, any registered member with access to these is referred to as a sub-member.
  6. “Membership information”: Information on a member registered on the site, including personal information.
  7. “Member account”: An account enabling a member to use the services.
  8. “Project information”: Information on projects registered by members on the site, including uploaded attachments.

Article 2. Personal information

This shall refer to the personal information in Japan's Personal Information Protection Act.

Article 3. Acquisition of entered personal information by the company

Membership registration, including the provision of personal information, is required to use the services. Users also need to enter their personal information when contacting the company.

Article 4. Encrypted communication

The information entered by users is protected by encryption.

Article 5. Purposes of use of personal information

The company uses personal information for the following purposes:

  1. Provision of the services to members.
  2. Settlement of fees for the services to paid members.
  3. Notification and contact to users.
  4. Improvement of services and development.
  5. Altering of personal information to prevent identification of certain individuals and create anonymous statistical and analytical data.

Article 6. Disclosure and provision of personal information

Members can disclose their membership information, including their personal information, to the other members with whom they are in contact including sub-members of both parties by clicking the “Disclose Membership Info” button on the service page. Disclosed information shall be shown in a new window in the contact page.

The company will not provide personal information to third parties without obtaining consent from users except in the following cases:

  1. When required by the Personal Information Protection Act and other laws and regulations.
  2. When it is essential to exchange personal information with financial institutions, credit card companies, PayPal, etc. at the time of payment of service fees by paid members.
  3. When delegating part or all of the tasks for management and operation of the site.
  4. When it is judged necessary to protect the rights, property, safety, etc. of other members and the company.

Article 7. Disclosure of the registered email address to members of the same organization

The registered email address will be disclosed to members of the same organization with the same domain in the page for sub-membership registration.

Article 8. Use of cookies

The site uses cookies to improve its convenience to users.

Article 9. Disclaimer

Although the company implements security measures, it is not possible to maintain absolute security on the Internet. For this reason, the company cannot guarantee users that the acquired personal information is completely protected from leakage, disappearance, modification, etc.

Do not include personal or related information in the project information. The company shall not assume any responsibility for outcomes arising from the cases described.

Article 10. Updating and cancellation of members’ personal information

Members can log in to their account and update personal information. When they cancel their membership, their personal information will also be deleted after a certain period of time.

Article 11. Changes in this policy

The content of this policy may be changed without notifying users. Changes in this policy shall take effect as soon as they are posted on the site.

Article 12. Contact information

Send an email to the following address for inquiries:

BioBeOne Inc. Inquiries

Email address: